Monday, May 3, 2010

Social Justice Event

For my social justice event i was to an event at Roger Williams on drinking, alcohol, and sexual abuse. It wasn't too bad and i learned a few new things. There was a decent amount of people when i walked in. The first things that happened was a slide show just explaining all of the cons that drinking can lead to. There was a huge list of them that went on for a few pages. Rather than just talking about the cons like usual the people explained smarter ways to drink and making sure that you are controlling your habits and drinking. After all of the information and power point part of the presentation was over they did little skits to demonstrate situations that could happen when drinking occurs. The skits were very entertaining and some were comincal but it was still done in a serious way that could open up students eyes. I thought that the skits were a good way to gain the students who were there attention and keep their attention rather than just saying drinking is bad and pushing information into their heads. When the skits were all done they had few women students who had been sexually abused in situations where alcohol played a factor. The stories were pretty sad but they were also inspiring to the women that were there. They explained how to get out of messy situations like she was in and different ways to get through those issues if they had already happened. Lastly they wrapped up the whole thing by explaining places to go for help with these situations and handed out brochures that would be helpful. I enjoyed this event more than i thought i would have when i walked in. it wasn't bad at all and it had the perfect mix of education and entertainment in order to keep the whole presentation interesting.

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  1. I am glad you attended this... though I would like to hear more about how this connects to the issues we have discussed in class. What makes it a "social justice" event? Say more.